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Musical instruments are very delicate and can break: booze; cats / dogs; kids; airlines; angry boy / girlfriends and drummers are the main culprits, but sometimes you yourself must take the blame: putting heavy gauge strings on can snap the nut, assuming you can solder new pick-ups can damage components, leaning your guitar against a wall or, lending it to a drummer can damage the paintwork and rocking out in your bedroom can result in a broken headstock.

Prevention is better than cure so, try to be careful! 


When they break, after you have consoled yourself, you need to bring it for repair.


Common repairs are:


Neck/headstock break; neck re-set; re-fret, split sound board/sides/back; lifting bridge; snapped nuts and saddles, dodgy electrics; damaged strap buttons (see broken headstock) and chipped paintwork.


All repairs are treated with the upmost sympathy and are returned to you in full playing condition!


new nut gibson j45



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